Mega Man: Battle for Power – Playmat and more Spoilers

Here’s the upcoming playmat for the new UFS set, Mega Man: Battle for Power scheduled to release in late August:

ufs battle for power mat

Also, a few of the preview cards featuring Bass:

bass 1 bass 2 bass 3 bass 4 bass 5 bass 6

battle posterComing Soon!

UFS: Battle for Power – Astro Crush

astro crush

Pretty sweet card here that works with Gemini Man, via the Water Symbol. Another sweet attack from the upcoming set.┬áIt’s a shame if can’t be chained into the next preview card:

gyro blade

Scrapping a multiple copy to draw a card seems pretty sweet, no? Stay tuned for more spoilers and if you want to see a bit of what’s already been spoiled, check HERE.