Theros Event Deck Review

The deck is a Blue/White Heroic deck. It’s pretty well-designed for newer players and contains a lot, and I mean a lot of quality cards. As we did with previous event decks, let’s examine the Rare cards in this deck. As opposed to the older Event decks, this one comes with 1 Rare cards.


Hallowed Fountain

hallowed fountain


It’s nice to see that recently Wizards of the Coast has been giving each event deck its own Return to Ravnica dual land. This gives people a great sense of value and newer players get to trade this off for other cards if they don’t care for the dual lands. This is pretty much where all the deck’s value goes if we refer to older Event Decks, however Wizards of the Coast have outdone themselves this time.


Fabled Hero



falbed hero gatherer

Great quote there

We get a Hero as expected in a Heroic deck. He is much reminiscent of Mirran Crusader. It’s a great card to make new players go “Wow!’ and veterans look for ways to abuse it. It’s got decent value for the time being and it drop anytime soon.

Frontline Medic


frontline medic

A great card without a home

Frontline Medic was good when people were playing Bonfire of the Damned. Its best use in the current metagame is to probably counter a Sphinx’s Revelation or just out-aggro your opponents. A 3/3 body for 3 is pretty solid but something is missing for this to truly make Boros/White Weenie decks a force to be reckoned with. It also competes for the 3-drop slot with cards like Boros Reckoner. It’s pretty decent from a value standpoint though.

Imposing Sovereign


imposing sovereign

Not too shabby!

Blind Obedience on legs has yet to make the impact that people thought it would. It hasn’t lost much of its value considering it has not seen much play in a competitive environment. It definitely has a home in whatever White Weenie deck, problem is : there isn’t a good one at the moment. It’s not quite a sleeper, but I’m glad that this Event deck includes two of these.

Lavinia of the Tenth




I guess it’s thematically correct …

While not the most exciting or valuable card of the bunch, Lavinia is still a decent inclusion. Sure she’s in bulk rare territory by now, but her effect on a game can be pretty huge. Gone are the ‘flicker’ effects from Standard (Restoration Angel, Conjurer’s Closet, etc.) that made her that much better.

Precinct Captain


precinct captain


Get your Soldier Tokens ready !

Had this been released at an earlier time, this card would be laughable. Since the Pro Tour happened, this card’s stock is rising. It’s really much better than it used to be and goes a long way in fighting what is now one of the format’s top cards: Desecration Demon. Pick up a playset while they’re on the cheap – you won’t regret it.

Soldier of the Pantheon


soldier of the pantheon


The new measuring stick for white one-drops everywhere

I know that originally this card can’t seem too exciting, but it has proven to be rather good in Standard. With devotion decks being a thing, this guy is at an advantage. While the devotion decks encourage you to stay in one color, a lot of the cards that make devotion work are hybrid cards (Boros Reckoner, Nightveil Specter, Burning-Tree Emissary) and thus multicolored. He adds even more value to what is already a really awesome Event deck.

Detention Sphere


detention sphere


This thing just got much, much better

We were spoiled last Standard format with Oblivion Ring and Detention Sphere. There was also Acidic Slimes in that format, which made the Sphere much less effective overall. With none of the two aforementioned cards in Standard, Detention Sphere is so much more effective/impressive. Detention Sphere also used to be worth about 2$. That value has more than doubled now, so it’s a good thing we get two of these babies in our Event deck.

Final Verdict


If you need any of these cards at all then you should probably be purchasing a couple or so of the Theros Event deck. It’s a really good value buy based on Rares alone (the uncommons aren’t that bad either). If you’re looking to get a friend, sibling or a son/daughter into the game – this Event deck is for you.

You can also unlock the Event deck unofficial achievement: win your local FNM or weekly store tournament with this deck.

The deck itself is available for purchase worldwide on October 18th, 2013.