JYD in the House

I dug up an old Junkyard Dog deck pre-Revolution and it’s a great base for deckbuilding if you’re looking for a competitive deck that’s low on Ultra Rares.

Junkyard Dog
Heel, Raw, Fan Favorite 

Backstage Area (1)

Raw Deal Fifth Anniversary

Pre-match (10)

Bitter Rivals
A No Show
World Heavyweight Title Belt
The Champ Is Here!
Through All of These Years
2x Givin’ ’em High Fives (TB)
Vince McMahon, Guest Ringside Announcer
Managed by “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart
Backstage Shenanigans

Mid-Match (10)

A Phoenix Rising
2x Ready to Fight
Living the Good Life
The King Interferes!
The Road to Victory
Unscrupulous S.O.B.
You’re as Graceful as a Cow on Ice
Took That on the Chin
Sustained Damage

Actions (3)

JYD’s Chain
2x …And the Crowd Roars

Maneuvers (19)

3x German Suplex (TB)
3x Precision Reverse Neck Breaker
3x Atomic Driver
3x Reverse Fall-away Slam
3x Sit Out Powerbomb (TB)
3x Atomic Power Slam
The Thump

Reversals (38)

3x Elbow to the Face
3x Escape Move
3x Step Aside
3x Volley This!
3x Manager Interferes
3x Power Slam (TB)
3x Spine Buster (TB)
2x Raw & Ready
2x Chained Heat
2x I Gotta Say, Out of Play
The Coach Says, “Today’s the Day!”
Hold The Phone
It’s Great To Be Back Here In…
Over Sell Maneuver
Don’t Try This at Home
Anything and Hate It
Too Many Rules and Too Many Refs
Overshot Your Mark
“Cowboy” Bob Orton Interferes!
In My Day, a Maneuver Was a Maneuver
The Raw Deal Revolution