Spirit of Rebellion Spoilers

Quite a few nice spoilers a few weeks (hopefully) away from the Star Wars: Destiny Spirit of Rebellion release and pre-release.


Source: http://swdestiny.com/

Spirit of Rebellion Spoilers

A few gems spoiled from the upcoming Star Wars: Spirit of Rebellion set



It’s really sweet to see a new Darth Vader so soon, I was personally getting really bored of the old one since everyone seems to be running him.


Obi-Wan is very cool, but is however not the counterpart to Palpatine. Perhaps Yoda will rise up to the challenge? The first thing that comes to mind with Obi-Wan is clearly to use One with the Force in your deck. It’s almost an auto-include at this point.


Rise Again is great design that’s not inherently super powerful and encourgaes you to want to discard something like a Mind Probe or Force Throw early to re-roll or to discard between rounds, knowing you can later get more value out of it.


The chamber is very similar to Frozen Wastes with a twist: its effect will work next turn, making it a little trickier. They also mentioned they wanted to make battlefields more impactful in future sets, so claiming will probably be higher on your priority list rather than re-rolling some dice that are less relevant to the board state.

They also mentioned that the 2 missing points from Palpatine would maybe get to be used in future sets, but much more into the future. It’s really cool to get a few newer spoilers here and there for what is probably going to be one of the most anticipated CCG sets this year. They just keep us wanting more and more until the product releases in April.


Star Wars™: Destiny Q1 Tournament Kit!


Alternate art rares and Sweet Ressource tokens

Core Prize Card – 16 copies of the alternate art card “First Order TIE Fighter”. If you’re looking to add powerful fire support to a Villain deck, call in one of these things. Just like the Rey card from the Launch Party, the text is written in Aurebesh™, the language of Star Wars.

Elite Prize Card – 2 copies of the alternate art card “Kylo Ren”. Also in Aurebesh, you can show your opponents the Dark Side with this powerful character card!

Elite Prize Item – 2 sets of 5 acrylic Resource Tokens. Resources are an incredibly important part of the game and you can show your success with these tokens!


Even our pal Kylo is super excited!

It’s really sweet that Fatasy Flight games is recognizing the potential of this game and seem to be doing all the right things to make it a big hit. Also, as per their site – the Prize kits get updated every quarter which roughly matches with the release of each new set (apparently 3 sets release/year).

Additionally, if you’re in search for inspiration, you can go over and check some submitted Star Wars: Destiny lists posted here. Since the game is fairly new, they may not be optimal but a lot of things they have going on a re rather sweet and can give you a dose of inspiration for a future deck/army.

Source: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2016/12/23/were-not-done-yet/