September 2016 FNM Promo

flaying tendrilsTake that Aristocrats!

September’s FNM promo is actually quite nice, but mainly something you’ll see in sideboards. It’s very good against any deck that tries to abuse of ‘dies’ triggers or just tries to swarm you with a weenie horde (I’m looking at you monowhite humans). Also, is that Zulaport Cutthroat getting flayed? Hmm…maybe or maybe not? that weird almost circular sword is similar.

flaying fullA bunch of allies getting whiped

As always you can go to your local gaming shop and play to win one of these bad boys.


FNM Promo for September 2013

experiment one fnm


Yay! Tentacles!

That’s right, Experiment One is your September FNM Promo card. It looks so much cooler than the original one in my opinion and will probably be in high demand for those players looking to pimp their Naya Blitz or Gruul Aggro decks.

Remember that one of the only ways to get it is to go play at your local game store’s Friday Night Magic Event!


At a Magic: the Gathering store near you!

4 FNM cards are distributed – 2 to the first 2 players in the standings and 2 at random. So remember to stick around until the very end to get a chance to grab a promo even if you didn’t perform that well. You never know…