FNM Promo for October 2014

fanatic of xenagos fnmA nice aggressive card that might see more play post-rotation

Ever since it was spoiled, a lot of players thought this would boost Gruul aggro decks. It just never happened that way. Short of limited formats, I have not seen this card do anything impressive in Standard. However, with Ghor-Clan Rampager and a few of the other Gruul cards leaving us when Khans of Tarkir is released – Fanatic of Xenagos might just find a home.

Remember that one of the only ways to get it is to go play at your local game store’s Friday Night Magic Event!


At a Magic: the Gathering store near you!

4 FNM cards are distributed – 2 to the first 2 players in the standings and 2 at random. So remember to stick around until the very end to get a chance to grab a promo even if you didn’t perform that well. You never know…