Duel Deck: Heroes vs. Monsters

mtg heroes


Another Duel Deck? Thanks Wizards!

Time for a good old Duel Deck. After Sorin Vs. Tibalt we get this creature type versus creature type one ( a la Elves vs. Goblins and Knights vs. Dragons). I definitely prefer these to the planeswalker ones as they are more geared toward certain interactions instead of being a random reason to bundle decent cards together. Obviously tribal interactions have been present in the past decks, but unless there is a ‘hero’ or ‘monster’ creature type, I am assuming this is just your good guys versus big evil creatures theme.

mtg heroes symbol

Athough, who knows with Magic? They have been doing many new things recently and don’t seem to be slowing down. Being of Greek descent, I can only hope the rumours of the next expansion: Theros to be true. It is speculated that the block will tie into Greek Mythology, which is the best kind of Mythology (*wink*).

The Duel Deck will feature 6 preview cards from Theros. That alone should be a great reason to buy a copy or two of this deck. They are usually value-packed and it’s always a good idea to keep a couple of the decks intact to just play quick games againt friends that do not have their own decks. I treat it as a board game really, it’s an awesome way to play casual magic!

From the official description blurb it says : “These heroes grow stronger with every encounter as they assail threats beyond their imagination.”

Return of levelers or something new? Discuss