FNM Promo for October 2013

ghorclan fnm

Playable FNM Promos YAY!


Meh, both of the drawings are uninspired

Yes! Another playable FNM Promo that will fit right into the Gruul Aggro archetype. The art’s not as cool as the FNM Experiment One, but I doubt anyone will really care. A lot of people will get to ‘pimp’ their GR decks and the rest of us can just trade them to those people.

Remember that one of the only ways to get it is to go play at your local game store’s Friday Night Magic Event!


At a Magic: the Gathering store near you!

4 FNM cards are distributed – 2 to the first 2 players in the standings and 2 at random. So remember to stick around until the very end to get a chance to grab a promo even if you didn’t perform that well. You never know…