FNM Promos February to June 2017


The February promo is not as popular as it probably should be in standard. The art on this is pretty cool, featuring a sphinx doing a little ‘Fact or Fiction‘ pose. Hopefully we’ll see some Standard decks use this in the future so people can pimp out their decks.


Incendiary Flow is March’s promo in what looks to be the aftermath of the regular art card. Chandra has just burned down a pesky threat and fired off her usual witty retort. UR machine gun decks are on the decline since last Standard format, but who know? maybe another red deck soon and utilize this rather sweet burn spell.


Some Kaladesh love is in store for the month of April ! Insert this bad boy in your Red/White tokens deck or Green/White tokens build and swarm your way to victory.


Even three mana is acceptable for a Terminate with an upside with May’s promo. Mostly featured in decks like Mardu Vehicules, it deals with quite a few problem creatures and is a fine response to the jeskai Saheeli/ Felidar Guardian combo decks as well. It features a very cool shot of a canon about to disintegrate something. “I’d stand back if I were you” – indeed.


This is the one that’s going to fill up your store in the summer time. June’s promo is red hot and with good reason. It’s already a Standard all-star and not much is holding it back in Modern and of course, Commander. The art is reminiscent of another land that gives us any color mana – City of Brass. Snatch this one up while it’s available, it’s guaranteed to be in high demand.


It seems like Wizards of the Coast is taking great steps in order to get more and more people playing Standard and it will hopefully continue into the future. Go find an FNM near you and get in on these sweet foils!