Gatecrash Preview: Dual Lands

sacredfoundry godlessshrine waterygrave

breedingpool stompingground

Yeap! they’re back as well!

Some are nicer than the old ones and some are not.

sacred old godless old watery old


breeding old stomping old


The ‘originals’

I guess the big difference is also the flavor text. You can still play the old duals in order to confuse your opponent if they randomly catch a peek of your hand. I sometimes do that with the old Ghost Quarter from Dissension. People stop me and ask if it’s Standard legal. Goes to show how much the card sees play eh?

You should probably snatch these up early if you want to build your Gatecrash Standard decks as they are probably the Number One card in demand at the set’s release. If you are going to purchase boxes, I believe the ratio is more or less 3 per booster box. Let us know how many you pulled in your box by commenting below!