Journey into Nyx GameDay

journey playmat

A winner is you!

While not as sexy as the two previous Game Day Champion playmats, this one is all about the bragging rights. Can you snatch your third playmat and be the Theros Block triple crown champion?

Ok, I just made that up. Still, winning 3 back to back separate Game Day mats is quite an accomplishment. It might not be up there with winning a Grand Prix, Pro Tour or even a PTQ … but it has its own charm. You should probably scout your area’s Game Days carefully as multiple stores run them and you pretty much want to play in as many as possible. (May 24-25)

Should you fail, you can always get these:

squelching leeches

A non-evasive efficiently costed Nightmare that may see competitive play

dicate of kruphix

For when you wanna group hug the %^!T out of everybody

You can only get the Dictate of Kruphix if you Top 8 the Game Day though, which is not exremely hard unless there happens to be wayyyyy to many people at this event. The events are usually free for the most part, but some stores charge you a small entry fee (which includes a participation booster). This should not discourage you from participating as you probably get your money’s worth just by Top 8′ ing.

Good luck and Happy Game Day!