Konami announced a Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Special Edition box for this Fall’s booster set (see “‘Chaos Impact’ To Shake Up ‘Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG'”).
Each box will contain 3 booster packs of Chaos Impact as well as 2 of 4 Super Rare variant cards. Super Rares included in the box will be unveiled on Yu-Gi-Oh!’s web site in the coming weeks leading up to the product launch. The Special Edition Box will have a MSRP of $99.90.

Yu-Gi-Oh! Chaos Impact Special Edition is scheduled for December 6.

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Chaos Impact to shake up Yu-Gi-Oh! Tcg

Konami unveiled the latest expansion for its Yu-Gi-Oh!trading card game, Chaos Impact. With 100 cards supporting new and classic strategies, the set is designed to shake up the format and has an October 25 street date.

Players will be able to destroy their own cards to Summon Monsters, and a new Level-8 fiend absorbs opponents’ Monsters as Link Material. Other highlights include support for Marincess, new Gladiator Beasts including one that negates all Monster effects, and new cards for decks Aromage, Dinowrestler, Evil Eye, Salamangreat, Tenyi, and more.

Chaos Impact’s 100 cards include 48 commons, 28 rares, 14 super rares, 10 ultra rares, and eight secret rares. Name and content are tentative as of this date.

Konami will release Legendary Duelists: Immortal Destiny on September 27 (see “Dark Duelists Featured in New ‘Yu-Gi-Oh!’ Set”).

Source : https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/43546/chaos-impact-shake-up-yu-gi-oh-tcg