Mega Man: Battle for Power

“Mega Man: Battle for Power” has a release date of August 26th, 2016! Stay tuned for weekly spoilers as we count down to another UFS release!

Also, the UFS Living Game Rules have been updated to v0.4. You can find the updated rules document here:

Summary of Rules Updates:

1) The Attachment Zone is now an extension of the staging area. Cards in the attachment zone counts as cards in the staging area. They can be targeted by effects, but they cannot be used to pay costs unless otherwise specified. Additional character cards in the staging area are now considered to be in the attachment zone. If a card is committed, any cards attached to it are also considered to be committed. (see D.2.2)

2) Multiple and Powerful keyword abilities are now worded to work with replacement effects (ie. Ehrlite Key). (see I.3.6 and I.3.7)

3) “Static” and “floating” effects are now defined in the LGR.
(see H.6, J.6 and J.7)

megaman battle