MTG Standard Series

Between February 13 and April 16, stores will be running a series of fun Standard tournaments with some cool prizes.

At participating stores, if you play in six Standard events during this window of time, you can receive a special land promo card (see below) from a Standard-legal set. Additionally, participating stores will receive three exclusive playmats featuring Amonkhet art that they can use to reward players for sportsmanship, helping new players, innovative deck building, or other positive effects on the store and community. Any Standard event run during this period—including casual events, Friday Night Magic, and PPTQs—will count toward your six events.



Sweet prizes!

Confirm with your local gaming store to see if they’re running the promotion.

I really like the playmat initiative to encourage sportsmanship and getting people more involved such as discussing card choices for decks and helping players improve their play skills and deck synergy. It’s a nice initiative that was often used in miniatures games and now made its way into Magic: the Gathering.