Gatecrash Preview: Alms Beast

alms beastWait…what?

A nice little blast from the past here. Every set needs to have a creature that looks so bad it might actually be good. Right?

He reminds us a little of Abyssal Persecutor and Desecration Demon.

He has the power/toughness down.

Cost is more prohibitive.

What? no evasion? Oh.

No Trample? Ok…

It gives your opponent life? Ewww..

On the plus side:

Can always attack/block.

You can still win the game when he’s in play.

Can’t be Ultimate Priced. Yay!

question marks

So is it any good?

I’m going to say no on this one, unfortunately. In a creature-filled format where you have slightly smaller guys with advantageous abilities, I don’t think this dude can make it out there.


And no, I don’t think splashing Red for Skullcrack is worth it in this case.