Source https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/48377/ultra-pro-unveils-magic-the-gathering-japanese-edition-playmats

ltra PRO unveiled Magic: The Gathering: Strixhaven – Japanese Mystical Archive Play Mats for release in June.
Similar to the upcoming release of the English edition playmats (see “Ultra PRO Offers Up ‘Magic: The Gathering’s’ Mystical Archive”), retailers can now order the Japanese edition playmats in limited quantities. These mats will be standard-sized and feature the artwork from the Japanese versions of cards in the Mystical Archive. Popular pieces of art from the set include the Demonic Tutor by Sumie Okazu, Time Warp by Shie Nanahara, and Lightning Bolt by Ezoi.

The list of art available is as follows:

Swords to Plowshares by Nagano
Gods Willing by Tada
Mana Tithe by Magane Okuda
Ephemerate by Yumeko
Dark Ritual by Rien
Defiant Strike by Amayagido
Revitalize by Yaomojun
Divine Gambit by Kiritada
Approach of the Second Sun by Nagano
Gift of Estates by Yaya
Teferi’s Protection by So-Taro
Brainstorm by Ayako Ishiguro
Compulsive Research by Tomohito
Counterspell by Rindo Karasuba
Memory Lapse by Yumeko
Negate by Koji Nishino
Opt by Rien
Strategic Planning by Hatori Kyoka
Whirlwind Denial by Aogachou
Day of Judgment by Maiko Yoshizawa
Blue Sun’s Zenith by Ezoi
Time Warp by Shie Nanahara
Mind’s Desire by Yaya
Tezzeret’s Gambit by Tomohito
Agonizing Remorse by Maiko Aoji
Duress by romiy
Village Rites by Kaoru Hagiya
Eliminate by Karuta Shiki
Doom Blade by Rindo Karasuba
Inquisition of Kozilek by Yuka Oka
Faithless Looting by Shiro Yayoi
Crux of Fate by Kota Nakatsubo
Demonic Tutor by Sumie Okazu
Tainted Pact by Yusuke Katekari
Sign in Blood by Kaoru Yukishiro
Tendrils of Agony by Daken
Claim the Firstborn by Norikatsu Miyoshi
Infuriate by Yangyang / Xiaji
Shock by Ryanroro
Thrill of Possibility by Ayako Ishiguro
Grapeshot by Hatori Kyoka
Lightning Bolt by Ezoi
Stone Rain by Tobihachi
Urza’s Rage by Maiko Aoji
Mizzix’s Mastery by Hiro Suda
Chaos Warp by Hisashi Momose
Adventurous Impulse by Sakura Tomo
Snakeskin Veil by Yuhki Takeuchi
Cultivate by Uichi Ukumo
Increasing Vengeance by D-suzuki
Harmonize by Yuka Sakuma
Regrowth by romiy
Weather the Storm by Kukka
Despark by Kiritada
Electrolyze by Hatori Kyoka
Growth Spiral by Karuta Shiki
Lightning Helix by Daken
Putrefy by Magane Okuda
Primal Command by Kukka
Natural Order by Ayami Nakashima
Channel by Shie Nanahara
Krosan Grip by Norikatsu Miyoshi
Abundant Harvest by Yuka Sakuma
Each playmat will retail for $25.99.

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