Structure Deck: Cyberse Link Card List

COming out this week in November 2017!

SDCL-EN001 “Digitron” Common Normal Monster
SDCL-EN002 “Dotscaper” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN003 “Cliant” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN004 “Backlinker” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN005 “Balancer Lord” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN006 “ROM Cloudia” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN007 “Boot Staggered” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN008 “Dual Assembwurm” Super Rare Effect Monster
SDCL-EN009 “Cyberse Wizard” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN010 “Backup Secretary” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN011 “Stack Reviver” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN012 “Launcher Commander” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN013 “Tragoedia” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN014 “Summoner Monk” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN015 “Card Trooper” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN016 “Debris Dragon” Common Effect Tuner monster
SDCL-EN017 “Mathematician” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN018 “Crane Crane” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN019 “Magician of Faith” Common Flip monster
SDCL-EN020 “Jester Confit” Common Effect Monster
SDCL-EN021 “Glow-Up Bulb” Common Effect Tuner monster
SDCL-EN022 “Kinka-byo” Common Spirit monster
SDCL-EN023 “Cynet Backdoor” Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCL-EN024 “Soul Charge” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN025 “Shuffle Reborn” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN026 “D.D.R. – Different Dimension Reincarnation” Common Equip Spell Card
SDCL-EN027 “Gold Sarcophagus” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN028 “Mind Control” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN029 “Cosmic Cyclone” Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDCL-EN030 “Moon Mirror Shield” Common Equip Spell Card
SDCL-EN031 “Where Arf Thou?” Common Normal Spell Card
SDCL-EN032 “Recoded Alive” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN033 “Miracle’s Wake” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN034 “Powerful Rebirth” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN035 “Premature Return” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN036 “Swamp Mirrorer” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN037 “Quantum Cat” Common Continuous Trap Card
SDCL-EN038 “Storming Mirror Force” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN039 “Dimensional Barrier” Common Normal Trap Card
SDCL-EN040 “Ghosts From the Past” Common Norm

al Trap Card
SDCL-EN041 “Encode Talker” Ultra Rare Effect Link Monster
SDCL-EN042 “Tri-Gate Wizard” Ultra Rare Effect Link Monster
SDCL-EN043 “Binary Sorceress” Super Rare Effect Link Monster


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