New pictures and details on Commander Anthology

Wizards of the Coast has shared the official artwork and more details on the upcoming Commander Anthology for Magic: The Gathering.

The four decks included in Commander Anthology are “Heavenly Inferno,” ‘Evasive Maneuvers,” “Guided by Nature,” and “Plunder the Graves.” The decks will include all cards released with the original decks. The box will also include four specialized life counters and tokens.

Commander is a multiplayer format for Magic where players use 100-card singleton decks, including one Legendary Creature which acts as “Commander” for the deck, influencing the way the deck is built and the player’s strategy in the game. MSRP is $164.99. Commander Anthology releases on June 9.

The Commander Anthology gathers together popular Magic: Commander decks from previous releases, similar to what was done for the Duel Deck: Anthology and Planechase Anthology. The release was announced last summer with several other high profile Magic: The Gathering products (see “Plethora of ‘Magic’ Announcements from PAX”).



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