Yugioh Banlist Update March 21, 2017

Source: http://www.yugioh-card.com/en/limited/

Monster/Effect THE TYRANT NEPTUNE Forbidden Limited New
Monster/Effect MAJESPECTER UNICORN – KIRIN Forbidden Limited Was Limited
Trap VANITY’S EMPTINESS Forbidden Limited Was Limited
Monster/Effect MAXX “C” Limited Was Semi-Limited
Monster/Effect RESCUE CAT Limited Was Forbidden
Monster/Synchro BRIONAC, DRAGON OF THE ICE BARRIER Limited Was Forbidden
Spell BRAIN CONTROL Limited Was Forbidden
Spell FUTURE FUSION Limited Was Forbidden
Trap IMPERIAL ORDER Limited Was Forbidden
Monster/Effect WISDOM-EYE MAGICIAN Semi-Limited Was Limited
Monster/Effect SANGAN No longer on list Was Forbidden

Mostly a bunch of cards that received errata


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