Kaladesh Promos

This is the Buy-a-Box promo you will receive if you get your product at your local game store. Pretty sweet dragon to take over for the loss of Thunderbreak Regent in Standard. The old dragon deck mainstay will be missed but I’m sure this guy will fill the void nicely. Firebreathing, haste and striking first is very good design and makes it totally feel like a dragon (perhaps one out of the Game of Thrones series). It’s sort of Dragon-Morphling, except it does nothing to protect itself. Well, that’s cause it doesn’t need to. It’s a freaking dragon!

skyship-dragonA modern-day Shivan Dragon

Continuing the Release day blue clone theme we had with Eldritch Moon, we get this gem:


Sure, it’s maybe overcosted for most purposes but Commander is a format and of course you get soo much more value by copying two things if possible. I believe it works fine with Precursor Golem. I mean, in a multiplayer game you can do some small rampy stuff like take a mana rock and a Solemn Simulacrum at worst.

essence-exSorin’s thirst upgrade

A pseudo-lightning bolt or whatever you wanna call it. It’s got some great art and probably fine applicatons in a more controllish deck for Standard. It’s only the uncommon you get for partaking in the Kaladesh Game Day. Top 8 participants will get:

cultivator-of-bladesSmall army in a can or semi-overrun guy

It may seem underwhelming at first, but it should be a role-player in any token strategy with things like Westvale Abbey. The artwork and creature type is sweet ‘Artificier’ . Good job Wizard!


If you’re some kind of Game Day playmat collector enthusiast, you can walk away with this bad boy(girl)

I’m frankly a little shocked it’s not Chandra, Torch of Defiance (sort of like Liliana from Eldrtich Moon) but still pleasantly surprised at the beauty of this particular playmat. So go out and play some Magic while taking part in your store’s Kaladesh Game Day

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