Planeswalkers of Shadows Over Inninstrad


Not a bad mix of abilities for a color comob that can’t draw cards. Pretty sweet maindeck Naturalize, so for that alone we may see her in many sideboards. The ultimate is fairly unexciting, but if you’re packing a few board-changing fatties in a somewhate reanimator build then it may be worth it. Also, Madness…



Arlinn Kord is somewhat reminiscent of Huntmaster of the Fells. It will be flipping a few times but not gaining you life in the process. The 5 total abilities will appeal to almost all casual players. With the new CMC ruling she may even be modern playable (ie: not dying to Abrupt Decay). Her ultimate is pretty nuts, effectively turning your creatures into removal spells much like a Warstorm Surge.


Ah, the mighty Jace! At 5 mana, he’s very average indeed. Still, much better than the one from M15, right? He is basically a flipped Erayo on ultimate, and it doesn’t take forever to get there so that’s not terrible. We get a very watered-down Jace, the Mindsculptor ‘Brainstorm’ ability. Still, if people tried to play Narset Transcendant in their Standard decks….


Ok, I have never seen a +1 ability as stupid as this. Yes, it’s based off of Baneful Omen and he does cost a whopping 6 mana. However, it’s his – x ability that’s sure to be activated quite often if and when he gets some of the Standard limelight. Being able to kill/finish off other planeswalkers is rather interesting. As with the original Chandra Nalar, killing off somewhat mid to fat creatures and still sticking around to do it again in a few turns is gravy!

The Commander-esque ultimate abilty is fine, but let’s not kid ourselves here: it’s not happening very often if ever.


There you have it! A brief look at the four planeswalkers we were promised by Mark Rosewater for what is sure to be a very very exciting revisit of Innistrad. Hope many of you will attend the pre-releases of Shadow over Innistrad to get a chance to crack one of these cool planeswalkers.


FNM May 2016

fnm may 2016

Interesting FNM promo indeed

So is Wizards of the Coast bringing back this little guy in some way to Standard or Modern? Is it more of a nod to Eternal Masters? The artwork is super duper terrible, but a foil version of this paticular goblin is always welcome. Here’s the up-close and personal version:

warchief large

Goblin EDH players rejoice! The time is nigh!