March 2016 FNM Promo

smash promo

Here’s hoping that you can pimp out that modern burn deck

It’s pretty sweet, regardless of the fact that we got not one but two recent reprints of this once 7$ common. The quote is a little weird…”made of smithereens?” meh, whatever, we’ll take it. Nice job of incorporating a legendary creature on a spell card. I always thought that adds some nice spice to cards, same with when they put planeswalkers on a spell (Jace in promo Negate)

Not sure if it’s needed in Standard, but a foil alternate version of a very playable card is always welcome in the Modern realm of things. There might just be quite a few more artifacts to smash in Standard (most likely equipment), so don’t trade these bad boys away just yet.

smash wallpaper

Zada‘s never looked leaner or meaner

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