Tinyleader: a cool alternative

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A lot of Magic: the Gathering players usually have a commander deck or two handy to play in between draft games or Standard night at their local gaming stores. The big nuisance with Commander decks is that the games tend to drag on for a while especially in a multiplayer setting. This is where the Tiny leader format comes in.


Decks are constructed with 50 cards, each card must not contain mana symbols not present in their Commander’s Colour Identity (ref. Rule 3, http://mtgcommander.net/rules.php) and every card should have a converted mana cost of 3 or less.
Tiny Leaders is presented to be a one on one format, with a best of three match, and 10 card sideboards.  Sideboarding is done in between games.  Your deck must remain 50 cards, and your commander may not change between games.
You can also read up further details in the format’s development here
It’s supposed to be a more interactive format in which players would need to play more responsive cards and somewhat more aggressively. No more losing to that random Omniscience that some random jerk just plopped into play. There’s also no ultimate control answer, as you’ve guessed it: Counterbalance is on the banned list. What’s more un-fun knowing that all your stuff is going to get countered via Counterbalance/ Sensei’s Divining Top in a format where your converted mana costs don’t go over 3 (no counting X in the casting costs of course).
Another little advantage is only needing 50 sleeves for your deck. Then there’s the whole ease of shuffling a 50-card deck versus a 100-card Commander deck. Tutors aren’t exactly that great, or at least not as awesome (since it severely cuts down on your actual business cards vs. the deck thinning they provide in Commander). While I do not personally own a Tiny Leader deck, I would encourage everyone to give the format a shot at least. It’s how a format like EDH/Commander came to be in the first place.
dorandHere’s a nice ‘Tiny Leader’ you can get started with
The Khans of Tarkir expansion has already had a few ‘wedge’ commanders at 3-mana, so there’s more indirect support for those of you wanting to go into 3-color decks. There’s also quite a few lists that people have posted here.

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