FNM Promo for November 2014

brain maggotEww! Gross!

Here’s another Standard FNM card. Looks like Wizards of the Coast is sticking more to newer cards instead of random Modern inserts in between. That’s probably a good thing, since it might entice a few of your draft players to eventually pick up a Standard deck for the new format. Brain Maggot is pretty much at home in some kind of Constellation deck or even just good old Mono-black (despite it losing infinite cards).

Remember that one of the only ways to get it is to go play at your local game store’s Friday Night Magic Event!


At a Magic: the Gathering store near you!

4 FNM cards are distributed – 2 to the first 2 players in the standings and 2 at random. So remember to stick around until the very end to get a chance to grab a promo even if you didn’t perform that well. You never know…

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