POP! Wave 2 Magic: the Gathering Planeswalkers

pop logo

After a rather successful wave of planeswalker toys, POP! has decided to make a second wave of vinyl figures. The expected release date is October 2014.

elspeth popkiora pop

gideon popsrakhan pop

nicol bolas poptezz pop 

                                                                     I just can’t wait!

My only gripe here is that it seems they screwed up on the skin colors of Gideon and Tezzeret. I’m pretty sure Tezzeret is supposed to be a dark-skinned planeswalker from most of the card art involving him, then again I could be wrong. What will Wave 3 look like? Are we going to get a sweet Tibalt figurine? Or variations on the ones already made. Sarkhan the Mad? I can only hope.

sarkhan the madKhans of Tarkir is not too far off either


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