Here Comes the Money !

One of the tougher superstars to build in the game is Shane O’ Mac. His ability seems broken at first, but the decks that end up being built around it seem rather one dimensional. Here’s an old list we dug up for those of you who aspire to bring back a superstar we haven’t seen on WWE TV for a while


Shane McMahon

shane o mac face


Trash Talkin’ Interview (TB)
Product Endorsements (TB)
Givin’ Em High Fives
The First Family of Professional Wrestling
Vince McMahon Interferes
Vince McMahon, Guest Ring Announcer
Armageddon is Upon Us
Old School Wrestling Match
The Old Switcheroo
You Rang?


Fortitude Surge
Here Comes The Money (TB)
Took That On The Chin
Cow On Ice
Shoot Counter
This Is Going Nowhere Fast
Ready To Fight
Four Years in The Making
Break It Out…
Victory Roll


Counter Slash x2
Suicide Lariat
Flying Leg Scissors x2
McMahonicide x3
Van Terminator
Leap Of Faith
Superplex x2
Atomic Knee Drop
Shooting Star Press (TB)
Coast To Coast


Revolution Of The Mind x3
Divine Intervention
Don’t Try This at Home x3
Elbow To The Face x3
Once Is Enough x2
Sidewalk Slam (TB) x3
Volley This! x3
You Didn’t Just Try That
Hold The Phone x3
Raw Deal Revolution
The Coach Says…
The Price We Pay
Here’s Where The Buck Stops
A Dynasty’s Destiny
No Chance In Hell (TB)
Sloppy…Very Sloppy x3


Hold On Hotshot
That’s Broken x2
You Feeling Lucky (TB) x2
Mean Streets Silver Spoon
Divas Divas Divas
Shoot Action x2
That’s Balanced x3
Puppies! Puppies! (TB) x2

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