Afterburn Gunn Control

afterburn gunn control


by Steve ‘DDT’ Giannopoulos


Billy Gunn 

Backstage: Fifth Anniversary

Pre-Match (10)

3 x The Luck of the Draw
1 x The Best Surprises Sneak up from Behind
1 x Underrated Superstar THROWBACK
1 x Franky Takes Hollywood
1 x Fans Love an Underdog
1 x Vince McMahon, Guest Ring Announcer
1 x Managed by William Regal
1 x For the Love of the Game

Mid-Match (10)

1 x A No Show
1 x Change in the Programming Lineup
1 x Unscrupulous SOB
1 x The One Billy Gunn
1 x The Road to Victory
1 x Sustained Damage
1 x Restricted Use in This Area
1 x Rico Enters
1 x Backlash!
1 x The Ref Takes Control

Maneuvers (18)

1 x Sucker Punch
1 x The Maneuver of Doom
1 x Fame-A$%er
1 x The One and Only
1 x Slam
2 x Spinning Kick
2 x Entangle in the Ropes THROWBACK
2 x Snap Neckbreaker
2 x Sizzling Clothesline
2 x Triangle Choke
1 x Brass “Nuks” Shot
1 x Sidewalk Slam THROWBACK
1 x Running Elbow Smash THROWBACK

Reversals (31)

1 x Two for the Show
1 x Help’s On the Way!
2 x Manager Interferes
3 x Headstrong
3 x A Revolution of the Mind
3 x Elbow to the Face
1 x The Price We Pay
1 x We’re Sorry … But this Has Gone too Far
1 x The Federation’s Purest Athlete
2 x Get the ‘F’ Out
3 x Leave Me Alone
2 x Quick Reflexes
2 x Unexpected Turn of Events
2 x Get Back in the Ring
1 x Lift a Boot THROWBACK
1 x I Already Warned You
1 x It’s Great to Be Back Here In …
1 x Divine Intervention

Actions (11)
2 x Stay Away From Daivari
2 x Feel the Fire
2 x Sparks of Glory
2 x Afterburn
1 x Don’t Try This at Home
1 x Volley This
1 x I’ve Got Two Words For Ya!

 How does it win?


billy gunn face


Simply put, this is a mill deck. The purpose of the deck is to get a copy of Afterburn in play and then use it to mill out your opponent. If you ever find yourself short on Heat maneuvers to discard to Afterburn, simply use your Superstar ability to overturn cards until you get one. Additionally, you can use Fifth Year Anniversary or any other recovery to get some Heat cards into your ‘removed from game’ zone. The Best Suprises Sneak up From Behind is usually going to be naming Afterburn so that it becomes impossible to remove once in play. You can sometimes find yourself winning a game at almost no fortitude via Afterburn. If you need to actually recover some cards, feel free to activate all 3 copies of The Luck of the Draw and play as many Stay Away from Daivari as you can.



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