FNM Promo for November 2013

grisly salvage fnm

Much better looking art than the original

While some might say that the FNM Grisly Salvage is released rather late and not in time to ‘foil up’ Junk Reanimator or 4-color Reanimator strategies, I disagree. It allows you to run more one of’s and is essentially a creature/land Impulse. Junk decks are usually creature-based and we have yet to see what Theros brings to the table. Sure there is no graveyard interaction yet, but this is with only 33 cards spoiled (20 of which are the customary Basic Lands). Varolz might see some more play post-rotation and we might get a Phyrexian Dreadnaught/ Death’s Shadow – type creature in Theros. Who knows?

On the flip side, there is no Farseek or equivalent ramp/hit your third land drop card out yet (well, Lay of the Land, but come on). This might offer the versatility a BG deck needs. I see Black/Green at the time being because we have yet to see what kind of lands we are getting in Theros. Devotion to <color> seems to imply that mono or two color strategies will be favored. I am somewhat for that as it was just ridiculous to see people jam their Standard decks with ‘good stuff’ only to incessantly complain about color-screw when their deck didn’t ‘work how it was supposed to’.

It kind of reminds me of when I played Street Fighter 2 at the arcades and my opponents would complain that they dragon punch wouldn’t come out and blamed the joystick. Truth was, I was jumping in deep at the right time and they were to late to react with their controller. Rather than improve and acknowledge this fact, they just kept complaining. I feel that in order to grow as a brewer/player, one needs to accept their failures,mistakes, technical errors and learn from them. The amount of time spent losing early on is irrelevant as long as you progress and continue improving.

Once again, you can get these promos by playing at your local gaming store:


2 given to top 2 and 2 as random door prizes, so stay until the very end!

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