Gatecrash Preview: the Guildgates

borosguildgate orzhovguildgate dimirguildgate


gruul guildgate simicguildgate


Yay! Manafixing to the rescue!

I know most of you guys think these are usually relegated to Drafts, Sealed and Pauper decks. The RB aggro deck ran 4 Rakdos Guildgates, so we might see one of these played in Constructed as well. Usually they will act as the third dual land behind the M13/Innistrad duals and of course, the Ravnica duals.

You pretty much always play these on the early turns due to the fact that they come into play tapped, unless you want to mess with your opponent by implying that you’re ‘Color short’ in some cases. The artwork on these is pretty cool and I vastly prefer them to the original Ravnica block common lands. They are pretty much a straight port of the Invasion uncommon ‘dual land’ cycle with a rarity downgrade.

Oh! and you get one guaranteed in your guild pack for when you do pre-releases. Might want to keep that in mind.

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