Gatecrash Preview: Assemble the Legion



A better Goblin Assault? Sign me up to the Boros Legion!

At first glance this card may not seem impressive. Then you begin to analyze it: 1 token, 2 tokens, 3 tokens…woah! It does make a LOT of tokens at a decent pace. This is probably the rare you want to open in your Boros Guild pack if you want to win. If you want value, you probably want one of these:


Relentless Assault has never been this sexy!

If you can’t attack profitably , you can probably just wait it out and cast this lovely common:


‘Massive’ is correct

In Standard it will probably be the new Goblin Trenches, a card which was played in a USA Control deck back in the Invasion days of standard. This one does not cause you to sacrifice lands and makes much much more tokens. Supreme Verdict? I’ll just ‘muster’ up some more tokens and swing at you at my next turn bro! Terminus? sure, not much more effective versus this card.

Get them while they are reasonably cheap. The risk is low and the playability in casual also increases its desirability.

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