Gatecrash Preview: Skullcrack


Lose the Searing Spear versatility and gain the ‘screw your Thragtusk bonus’

Many people are probably wondering if it will be enough. I mostly see this being played in some kind of American control/aggro or izzet strategy. The obvious reason being Snapcaster Mage.

Snapcaster Mage

Ah! the Cracker of Skulls!

Probably not the kind of creature you think of when the term ‘Skullcrack’ is brought up. Maybe more like ‘kicks you in the skull when you’re trying to get back up’. That’s exactly what he’ll end up doing too.

Your opponent fails to gain life off his first Thragtusk? Well, flash this guy in and Skullcrack him again when he cast the next one!

Then he will have failed twice in a row! Kinda like a skater with no protective helmet.

Get it? Skullcrack? Uh….nevermind.

Don’t forget that it will allow your attackers to actually damage creatures that would otherwise have protection versus their colors. Up until now, I’m not entirely sure how relevant it will be. It’s a great bonus nonetheless.

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