Gatecrash Preview: Obzedat, Ghost Council


Ghost Council of Orzhova, done right!

We are drawn with directly comparing to the old version almost immediately:

Ghost Council of Orzhova

Oh the memories of this staying in my trade binder!

I guess it was a cool card for its time, but I never really liked it personally. Obviously the newer version doesn’t dodge removal as well, but it also doesn’t require a sacrifice which lessens your board presence everytime you activate it.

The life drain aspect is doubled, the 5/5 stat makes it Selesnya Charmable (Oh, I see what they did there!)

It also allows you to always dodge the Sorcery Speed removal. Black/White has always been one of the most popular color combinations, perhaps due to them being the two more contrasting colors in magic.It always seems to draw people in (having light/dark or ‘good’ and ‘evil’ on the same side).

It will definitely be a major player in constructed play. So be sure that your new brews have ways to deal with it!

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