NEW! UFS exclusive playmat

Carte Blanche Hobbies is going to soon release an exlusive UFS playmat featuring characters from the Red Horizon series from Jasco Games. They would like to know which of the 2 following playmat prototypes you prefer:


shuriken bltiz mar

stinging upper mat


Disclaimer: Playmat art not final and pending final approval by Jasco Games

Eternal Masters FULL Spoiler

The long awaited set is now fully spoiled and many are left wondering: “Where’s all the spicy reprints?” Sure, there are some cool additions to the spoilers, but there are quite a few cards that could have been in there that are not (most likely to enable cooler draft/sealed archetypes). On the plus side, many players that like foiling up their decks will be pleased with cards that appear in foil form for the first time (ie: Winter Orb, Worn Powerstone,etc.)

Eternal Master Visual Spoiler

force of will

July 2016 FNM Promo

spatial contortion

Ouch! that looks rather uncomfortable

Spatial Contortion is a great defense and offensive cards, allowing a high toughness creature to lay the smackdown on our opponent or simply killing off a 3 toughness or less opposing pest. The artwork is just magnificent (much better than the regular card art) . So head on down to your local gaming store in the month of July to pick up this sweet card.

spatial big


MTG Announcement Day May 16, 2016

What a great day to be a Magic: the Gathering fanatic! Many changes and announcements for upcoming products spoiled on the mothership!

kaladesh art

. New Magic set will be set in Kaladesh

. Planeswalker deck possibly replacing Intro decks (yes, there is a planeswalker in the actual deck as well as cards that revolve around your planeswalker)

. 4-color commanders

. Nissa vs. Ob- Nixilis Duel Deck

. Planechase Anthology

. Conspiracy: Take the Crown draft packs


It’s just a great bundle of news all at once for all. Wizards of the Coast is giving the players more value and bridging the gap for newer players to get into the game.


nissa vs ob