UFS: Battle for Power – More Spoilers

Here’s a quick rundown of the UFS: Battle for Power spoilers (thanks to http://ufsultra.com/)

a new rival admission fees bird of prey crash drive  dr wily flail and shield flail strike for chivalry and hono gyro man megaman napalm man Nippon Banzai no air bags nothing personal one true purpose premeditated attack quake ready to pounce rush jet adapter silver tomahawk slash claw slash man solar powered split body sword man tengu dive tengu man the mysterious mr x the power of dark energy tomahawk man transform walking arsenal Yamatadamashi yamato man



UFS: Battle for Power – Astro Crush

astro crush

Pretty sweet card here that works with Gemini Man, via the Water Symbol. Another sweet attack from the upcoming set. It’s a shame if can’t be chained into the next preview card:

gyro blade

Scrapping a multiple copy to draw a card seems pretty sweet, no? Stay tuned for more spoilers and if you want to see a bit of what’s already been spoiled, check HERE.

UFS: Battle for Power Spoiler

None other than…

mega man 3

the Blue Bomber himself

Pretty unique ability making other Megaman cards you stack on your original one easier to do. That F (once per turn) isn’t too shabby either. You can dig for that final attack when you run low on them in the late game. It might just be the one to finish off your opponent!

Here’s a few of the others that were previously revealed:

sword man tengu man tomahawk man