October 2016 FNM Promo

rise fnmMonoblue Brain in a Jar players rejoice!

Love the new art which reminds me of the Cryptkeeper from Tales of the Pit. The quote is unchange, but still sweet. Depending on the build of the deck you run 1-3 of these and it’s a rather cheap deck to foil for some good ol’ Standard fun.

rise close

They’re on a ship? Maybe they were lil’ pirates in their former life.

Don’t forget to use your double-sided FOIL Zombie tokens from the Eldritch Moon pre-release. Might as well spam tokens in style. Go play in an FNM at your local game shop in the month of october to win one of these undead bad boys.



UFS: Battle for Power – Astro Crush

astro crush

Pretty sweet card here that works with Gemini Man, via the Water Symbol. Another sweet attack from the upcoming set. It’s a shame if can’t be chained into the next preview card:

gyro blade

Scrapping a multiple copy to draw a card seems pretty sweet, no? Stay tuned for more spoilers and if you want to see a bit of what’s already been spoiled, check HERE.