Eternal Master Announced !

Finally, the rumors have come to fruition and a new set of reprint staples is announced. However, this time it’s not Modern Masters, but Eternal Masters. You guess it: It’s a bunch of legacy cards that are not on the reprint list.

Here are the 2 first spoiled, to get you started on what is sure to be a much-hyped set:

force eternal wasteland eternal



Shadows over Innistrad Previews!

shadows over innistrad spoilers

Over the course of the Modern pro Tour this weekend, several cards of the upcoming set: Shadows over Innistrad were shown.

dance with devilsfierytempersteructuralduskenwatch recruiterdusk2pack guardianwatcher in the webexpose evilinvasive surgeryhound of farborgdead weight

As noted, Madness is the returning mechanic we haven’t seen in many many years (in fact, over a decade). Investigate and Delirium are two of the new mechanics showcased here. Investigate is like a delayed cantrip that you can stock up in the form of a artifact token and sac, pay 2 colorless to draw a card. In contrast, delirium is a ‘graveyard matters’ card reminiscent of Tarmogoyf ; granting the card bonuses if that 4 different card types threshold is achieved.

Werewolves are back! The little uncommon spoiled is actually quite decent in that it can potentially offer us some card advantage or just be a conditional ‘mana dork’ in the Etherium Sculptor sense as opposed to the Elvish Mystic one. As a side note flavorwise, Watcher in the Web is just hilarious and most probably one of the best limited spiders of all time (one block per leg, good stuff!)

Stay tuned for more updates as they come. It’s been rumored that a certain missing Eldrazi might make its way to Innistrad, hence the ‘Shadow’ over Innistrad.


shadows over innistrad art