From the Vault Angels: Full Spoiler

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From the Vault Angels: Serra Angel

serra ftv

Another From the Vault: Angels card was spoiled today. Her best days are way behind her, but many a player will remember Serra Angel for being downright awesome (some even in recent limited formats). That Rebecca Guay art is pretty awsome on a foily card. It was originally used on an alternate art oversize promo a long time ago, yet still stands out for its sheer beauty.

Who knows what other angels are in store for this latest From the Vault?


FNM Promo for September 2015

orator of ojutai

Bird, bird , bird! Bird is the Word!

We go back to Standard land when September’s FNM promo comes around. This small defensive value creature saw some amounts of play in Mardu Dragons builds as an early blocker that also survived Anger of the Gods. Considering the rise of red deck recently, it might just make a small comeback too.

orator of oj full art

The artwork makes this little guy look much more majestic than it really is. The Wall of Omens comparisons are a little exaggerated since you can’t really flicker it back into play and draw a card like you can with Restoration Angel and Wall of Omens in Modern. Still, when you’re blocking a Mantis Rider all day long – it shouldn’t matter as much. It will probably not drive as many older format or casual players to FNMs in the month of September, but I believe this particular promo is just fine.