FNM Promo for May 2013

judges familiar fnm

More or less majestic than the original? You decide!


Nice shiny FNM card for May 2013. Unfortunately, it does not really seem to make it in any decklists except maybe in some Maverick or Death and Taxes Legacy decks. Still, we can’t complain much since it’s at least a Standard legal card.

Most players appreciate that they can play with the cards they win and most players do play Standard. Or, at least the ones that attend FNM’s.

Hang in there, stay until the end. Two promos are given out to the Top 2 but you might win one of the 2 that are given out at random.



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FNM Promo for July 2013

rakdos cackler promo


Now with sweet new artwork

While Red Deck wins is no longer really in style at the moment, who knows where it will be at in the month of July. This little guy has been the workhorse of such decks easily providing about 2-6 damage, enabling the Red deck to finish the job with burn.

2/2 for 1 mana on turn 1? Don’t mind if I do.

Do we care that it doesn’t block? Not really –  we are the aggressors after all. The Devil creature type is kinda meh as this would have definitely been better off as a Goblin. Unless of course they make a devil lord, but that might be a little to edgy for Wizards of the Coast. Just kidding!

Remember you can only get these at :


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FNM Promo for June 2013

izzet charm fnm


We already get a glimpse of June 2013’s FNM promo card. It is given out at your local FNM event, usually 2 for the Top 2 and 2 at random. This card is rather nice as it sees play from time to time and all its effects are really useful. A lot of people ran in in some UWR Standard Control lists, will it see more play with Dragon’s Maze coming out?

Only time will tell..


Remember to attend your local FNM to get a chance to win promos and other prizes

Dragon’s Maze Preview: Plasm Capture and more

wave 11


Plasm Capture


Mana Drain is back!

Boros Battleshaper


Warcraft Master?

Sky Lasher


Awesome set of abilities!


Feral Animist


Another Reprint!

Blaze Commando


Minotaurs leading the charge!

Bronzebeak Moa


Even Moas are back

Krasis Incubation



Removal or combo? You decide!

Scab-Clan Giant


Nice flavor – Random … FIGHT!

Species Gorger


Nice ‘drawback’

Gruul War Chant


Two Enchantments in one

Gleam of Battle


A pity it costs a tad much

Drown in Filth


Life from the Loam.dec removal?

Zhur-Taa Druid


Angry Llanowar Elves

Armored Wolf-Rider


Yummy vanilla!

Beetleform Mage


Three creature types! and not much else…

Thrashing Mossdog


Draft this puppy in multiples

Boros Mastiff


Still , better than Grizzly Bears

Scion of Vitu-Ghazi



Populate gets a neat boost!

Wake the Reflections


We now know the official mana cost of Populate

Rubblebelt Maaka


Hill Giant + OK ability = limited card

Battering Krasis


Not particularly interesting, aside from the art

Riot Control


Warning: Will NOT work if your local NHL franchise wins the Stanley Cup

Crypt Incursion


To deal with decks ending in ‘animator’

Riot Piker

riot piker

Goblin Piker Evolved!



For when you need to be Big instead of Tricky


Yes! the limited white flyer common role is now filled!

Runner’s Bane


A cute little card you’ll be seeing a lot of at your local Pre-release

Sinister Possession


We have the  ‘You Make the Card‘ winner! 

Just kidding!

Punish the Enemy


Lash Out has seen better days

Mutant’s Prey


Not a fan

Haazda Snare Squad


They’ll make you tap!



Sometimes they print cards just to make Others look good

Hired Torturer


Play these in limited supply, in a limited envionment

Clear a Path


I like it! Well, except the ability of course…

Kraul Warrior


Now to find an infinite mana engine … I kid, I kid!

Murmuring Phantasm


A wall is a wall is a wall is a wall …

Bane Alley Blackguard



I thought only Blue got these creatures

Awe for the Guild


I can go on and on about how awesome this card is, but I won’t.

Mending Touch


Good for One Supreme Verdict survival

Wind Drake


Now time for the obligatory Blue common flyer

Fatal Fumes


Removal is removal I guess

Split card images

I had written about various split cards one or two articles ago but did not have the card pictures up. Without further ado, here are those cards:








And that’s a wrap!


Hope you all have fun at your local Dragons Maze Pre-releases and open good stuff. Don’t forget the Pre-Orders!


dragon's maze preorder

Dragon’s Maze Preview: AEtherling and more

wave 10



Blast from the past?

After printing Torchling and Thornling as Morphling variants, most would have thought that Wizards of the Coast would attempt to complete the cycle. Instead we are treated to an update on the blue original. It is pretty safe to say that if you manage to untap the turn after casting this guy, you are probably in a good position do win the game. Unless of course you were in dire trouble to begin with.

Ideally you want to play Aetherling with at least one blue mana up. If things go bad, blink him out until the begin of the end of turn. This makes him safe from pretty much all removal, mass-removal and even sacrifice effects. In that respect he is much harder to kill than the original, he kind of feels like this Unglued card:

greater morphling

That’s a lot of text!

Maybe in hundreds of years when piles of old Magic cards are uncovered by future civilizations Greater Morphling will become a tournament legal card. Until that time, we get AEherling. You can obviously do ridiculous things like swing for 8 unblockable damage a turn (of course at the cost of 5 mana). It obviously just gets better when you can boost its toughness otherwise and attack for more. However,  if you are already attacking with it, things are already looking good for you. Expect to see it as a one or two-of in a controllish Esper colored deck. Of course everyone will be busy hunting down foil version for their Commander decks (Bling!).

Surprisingly, it’s not a mythic card. This is indeed great news for those looking to nab a playset of it. Sitting at around 5$ in preorders, it’s a great value from my point of view. It’s going to be on almost everyone’s Want list.

Korozda Gorgon

korozda gorgon

Got any turtles down there?

I really like the card overall and it’s kind of like a secondary Scavenge lord. It’s far from being Standard playable, but again that has not stopped most people from playing cards. The art is a cute little depiction of a Gorgon’s dwelling/storage space. She’s probably a Level 15 – Hoarder, unless there are collection pieces that are visible only under the sewer water. As with most Gorgon/medusa-like creatures, this one possesses Deathtouch. This probably limits a lot of her relationship possibilities, but I somehow doubt she cares.

In limited formats you will probably be looking to play it with Evolve creatures or as mentionned before, Scavenge. Mess up combat for your opponents and have fun doing it!

Unflinching Courage

unflinching courage

Welcome back, Old Friend!

It seems that Wizards of the Coast R&D also missed the original. This time we have it set to uncommon, mostly for limited purposes. You don’t want to be facing a deck that has a near-playset of this card. It also is less potent than the original since it can’t act as a pseudo-pacifism due to the Lifelink keyword versus the old text.

If you are not able to fully construct the modern Auras deck featuring Daybreak Coronet or are simply anticipating a reprint of it in Modern Masters, then by all means try this in your deck. It’s probably not as good but it’s a great way to still play the deck without pumping more money into it.

Blast of Genius

blast of genius

Ral Zarek looking epic

A nice little removal and card filtering spell rolled up in one! Something that’s very playable in Commander as it gets you great value.

The art is simply superb! Terese Nielsen is probably in everyone’s list of top Magic art talent and this cards illustrates why. You even get a little Niv-Mizzet looking on in the background as Ral Zarek performs his Sailor Moon-esque pose. The lightning effect is just so cool and the whole piece just reminds me of one of the main reasons I got into this game.

The big downside to Blast of Genius,aside from mana cost, is that you need to choose the target prior to getting to know what you will draw. Your big blast might end up being a simple poke, unless you already had a big converted mana cost in hand already.



Death from above

Rather ordinary without the Overload, but can be a situational ‘finisher/removal’ when need be. Works great in a tokens/creature swarm deck, but of course the colors and the cost are not ideal. It is almost 100% a casual card, but boy what a casual card it is! I will for sure be inserting it in my UR Pingers deck for when I actually have to do something the deck never has to do: Attack!

Wrap up…

There are definitely a lot of loose ends to cover (especially cards spoiled with no actual art). I hate to post cards without finalized artwork personally as it’s usually something I like to comment on and it just overall looks less official, so I apologize if there are some cards I have not yet covered. Rest assured that they will be viewed and reviewed here!

Dragon’s Maze Preview: Emmara Tandris and more

wave 9

Emmara Tandris

emarra tandris

A very majestic looking creature

We start things off with Emmara Tandris, who graces us with her lovely presence today. She screams Commander and I can already imagine all the people that will be clamoring for a foil copy. She’s not in any starter, so it will legitimately be in demand.

The card itself is obviously a bomb in limited, providing a sizeable body and an ability that anyone can appreciate. There might be the possibility of decks featuring Yeva, Nature’s Herald running her, but that is rather unlikely. She costs way too much to see play and her ability really only affects tokens, so you more or less have to be running a GW tokens deck, in which case I would opt for something more akin to Collective Blessing.

Pyrewild Shaman

pyrewild shaman

Half ‘Squee’, half ‘Giant Growth’

This is one goblin shaman I can really get behind! He obviously comes from Squee’s lineage. His versatility in pumping your creatures or chumping/trading with your opponent’s creatures almost endlessly is just awesome. The condition of being of course, that you need to deal combat damage with something (probably some trample creature or maybe just a flyer).


His great great great great x infinity grandfather would be proud!

Of course the deck is typically belongs in would be some kind of RG aggressive deck featuring a few creatures with the Bloodrush mechanic. I see him being played more in some kind of RU deck featuring hard to block creatures or unblockable creatures (Invisble Stalker) so as to constantly be swinging for 4 every turn. Attack, Bloodrush with Pyrewild Shaman, pay 3 mana and get Pyrewild Shaman back in your hand to repeat next turn.

This is just a random brainstormed example of course but don’t forget he can easily just be played as a somewhat efficient creature and attack when need be. This card will not be homeless when the time comes for Dragon’s Maze Standard, I can assure you.

Warleader’s Helix

warleader's helix

A nice tribute to the original

I guess Lightning Helix got trademarked by Ajani Vengeant, so they had to go ahead and give Aurelia her own version. A version that takes down Restoration Angels no less. I suppose we now know why a lot of 4-toughness or 2/4 creatures are in this set. They are out of the range of regular burn, but not Boros burn!

In constructed this will most assuredly see play. A lot of the planeswalkers in Standard start at 3, so even if they tick up to 4 loyalty this helix will take them out. Of course, smaller ones like Tibalt can be shot down even 1 turn later. Or of course, he can simply be ignored (at your own risk).

That last bit about Tibalt being a threat was a joke, for those of you who didn’t catch it.


Sorry buddy!

Warped Physique

warped physique

The side effects of one too many protein shakes?

Apparently Wizards of the Coast decided it would fun to educate all of us on the dangers of only working out your upper body. Huge chest and arms coupled with tiny chicken legs.

Good little limited card, although doubtful it will be seen across  the table even at a local FNM constructed event. Just remember the lesson here folks and you’ll be just fine.

More Split cards


A nice little shot of more split cards

While we’re on the topic of split cards, I am reminded of local pro player Xavier Biron’s story on his hate for split cards. He would actively seek out foil copies of cards like Fire/Ice and co. to purposely cut them in half and make a collection out of them. Apparently the hate was not widespread and Wizards of the Coast continued printing these.

I for one am very happy to get extra ‘value’ out of my cardboard and flexibilty as well. Not all of them are good and it will be interesting to see which ones get tried out in existing decks.


3B/ 2G

Target player discards two cards.

Return target card from your graveyard to your hand.

Each half of this card costs 1 more mana than its original printing. In Dirty’s case, it is on par with Recollect (or overcosted Regrowth). It’s probably a good 22nd-23d card in your draft deck if nothing else.




Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.

Creatures your opponents control get -1/-1 until end of turn.


This is oviously a very overcosted Zealous Persecution. Each half even costs more than the card that provides you with the full effect. A combat trick nonetheless for limited purpose, but don’t you dare even think about sleeving this baby up in a 60-card deck.




Target creature gets +2/+4 until end of turn.
Target creature gets -4/-0 until end of turn.

Kind of like a less deadly Agony Warp. Avoid playing this when you can as there is better if random +/- action is your thing.




Creatures you control are indestructible this turn.
Creatures you control gain deathtouch and lifelink until end of turn.

Oh yes! If there is one neat trick I would at least try in constructed, this would be it. ready shrugs of Supreme Verdict for your side.

The other half can either force undesirable trades in combat or when fused, provide a rather deadly one-sided effect. Of course, in this case you are running three colors. Commander format says hi!

Speaking of Split…

It’s time for us to split until another upcoming day of previews/spoilers tomorrow. Toodles!

Dragon’s Maze Preview: Uncovered Clues and more

wave 8

Today’s Spoiler Wave is rather small and not too epic, so I apologize in advance.

Uncovered Clues

uncovered clues

A cheaper Foresee

A nice little card advantage card here for spell-based combo decks in Standard. It’s not really that great in anything else as you only dig 4 and are not guaranteed of hitting anything. If you are playing control you probably just want to run Forbidden Alchemy. I would play this in the Epic Experiment deck I am eventually planning on building, but not much else. It’s still a very good common and can even see play in some kind of token deck where all the spells are instant/soceries that simply produce tokens and populate ( Call of the Conclave, Eyes in the Sky, etc.)

Notion Thief

notion thief

Take that Sphinx’s Revelation!

I’m not really sure how often this is going to mess up an opposing Sphinx’s Revelation, but it will be priceless when it does. Most veteran players will not simply cast a Revelation while you have 4 mana untapped. The thing is, it’s not an ‘enters the battlefield’ effect. Much like Aven Mindcensor, this will frustrate many opponents.

In Commander, Notion Thief will generate a LOT of hate as a lot of the draw spells are usually things that draw you 2+ cards and of course this simply demolishes a Brainstorm. Your opponent does NOT draw three, but he does have to put 2 cards back on top of his deck. If this thing was a 2/1 and cost 3 it would be insane in Legacy.

Viashino Firstblade

viashino firstblade

Yummy common

Another haster after we Skyknight Legionnaire. With Boros aggro becoming a ‘thing’, battalion is becoming slightly more threatening and this hits harder than the Legionnaire (of course the tradeoff being that later on it’s simply a 2/2 vanilla creature). If anything nab some and make a budget-friendly Battalion haste deck to teach new players in your area how to play.


catch release

Half Zealous Conscripts/ half something awesome!

Very interesting card we have here. The first half is something we have gotten more and more used to thanks to Zealous Conscripts having seen some Standard play here and there. It now becomes even more dangerous to hold back a planeswalker for its ‘ultimate ability’. Tamiyo can become even more of a liability now.

zealous conscripts

Remember this guy?

The other half is one I wish I could shove into my Commander deck, but it’s a Gisela deck. This effect is really interesting as it’s probably a semi-vindicate if you don’t run planeswalker, enchantments or artifacts. I don’t see any direct application of it in Standard. If you are running an experimental Red/White/Blue deck in Standard, you might run it for the first half and then end up using the second half to get out of a bind.

At ten whole mana you get to choose which of your opponent’s permanents you destroy/sacrifice, but that’s something a little far-fetched and probably reserve for those epic Commander multi-player games.

Maze Creatures

maze sentinelmaze glidermaze abomination

maze rushermaze berserker


Here’s a cute little commons cycle that is quite odd. They are all like mini ‘lords’ for multi-colored creatures, yet there mana costs are way to high. They all posses the ability they grant and are for the most part great finishers in Limited formats (especially the Maze Glider). They all have the Elemental creature type, so you can maybe experiment with some of the Lorwyn block cards too!

Back tomorrow for Wave 9!

Give our Blog a read tomorrow for some brand new Spoilers/Previews!