WWE: Raw Deal – Boogeyman Non-BASH


Boogeyman RAW/Heel/Fan Favorite
only 5 Year Anniversary as Backstage card


Rochester, NY
Vince GRA
Tick Tock of the Clock x 3
For the Love of the Game
A No Show
Underrated Superstar
<Revo> Cruiserweight Title
Fans love an Underdog


Fortitude Surge
Can You believe the Witte Retort
The Ref got in the Way!
This is Between you and me

Cheaters Never Win

You’re as Graceful as a cow on Ice
Unscrupulous SOB
Road to Victory
Restricted Use in this Area
Took That on the Chin

Action Hybrids (20)

Too Many Rules and To Many Refs
Mouthful of Worms x 3
I am The Boogeyman x 3
…And I’m coming to getcha x 3
Volley This! x 3
Iron Will x 3 (2TB)
Don’t Try THis at Home
Escape the Rules
Don’t Hate the Playa, Hate the Game! x 2

Reversal Only (18)

Elbow to the Face x 3
Revolution of the Mind x 3
Unexpected Turn of Events
Quick Reflexes
Get the ‘F’ Out!
Manager Interferes
It’s Great to be Back here In…
Get Back in the Ring
Lift a Boot
The RAW DEAL Revolution
Divine Intervention
<Revolution> Off your Mark
<Revolution> Two For the Show
Get Out of Here!

Maneuver Hybrids:

Back Fist x3
Ap Chaki Kick x3
Rverse Clothesline x3
Knee Lift THROWBACK x 3
Rolling Neckbreaker x 3

Swinging Neck Breaker
SideWalk SLam
Brass Nuks Shot
Spine Buster (TB)
The Bottomless Pit


Tournament Report

A while ago, us Montrel players decided to initiate what is referred to as : “the Boogeyman challenge” . The challenge consisted of making a non-bash Boogey deck and winning a tourney with it. The best record so far was 4th place.

I made the deck primarily volley since they have a lot of good ‘0F’ maneuvers and they allow you to throw them turn after turn if the opponent is just ‘turtling’. Also, the ability to remove a reversal from ringside can disrupt their ability to use the volley # on the card since they might be short a card or two .

So I go into the tournament expecting the worst as I pretty much know everyone’s playing style.

Round 1. vs Hurrifriends

He builds his handsize to astronomical heights and I do not meta for this. a 15 or so hand means he gets to maybe fall victim to a road to victory. However he gets some easy fort and fetches the 4f action reversal for hurricane making me lose all hope ot collapse his handsize. I pointlessly throw volley after volley to no avail. I end up dying to a flurry of uniques and being stuck at 0F.


Round 2 vs. Chris Benoit chain.

I pray that my Revo <Cruiserweight title> goes through without him playing vince before, but no such luck. Had that been the case, this match woudl almost have been an auto win, as all the 0f commonyl played chains have ‘cannot be reversed’ text.

The match starts off pretty well for me as my backfists keep getting tossed at him until one sticks. He never drew a maneuver after reversing me, so I was pretty much picking it up and tossign it each turn.

Game ends with him popping ‘Mania’. However, he had 0 reversasl to shuffle back in. Also, A lot of his cards liek chained heat and iron will were removed form the game thanks to my ‘Witte Retort’. Smiley I finish him with a random volley move plus the reverse clotheslines were sooo wrong versus his chain moves.


Round 3. vs. The People’s Champ

I am really nto worried about this match. While my initial volleys are stuck at 1d, they still have the volley trait. He tries a vince interfeeres which gets DTTAH‘ed. I backfist, he elbows.go. I pick up bakcfist agian, he revo’s .go. he still plays nothing, I pickup backfist again and he lets it through. He then goes with a scoop slam TB on his turn. It’s too costly for me to reverse, so I let it through, he then tries a random high risk which i brass knucks.

At this point I am just hitting his Rolling neckbreakers and reverse clotheslines. I activated 2 and I’m coming to getcha and was a few F away from winning via it’s win condition, but he only has 0 cards left when I ‘Two for the show’ his Atomic lariat’


I know have tons of hope going into my final match vs. Randy Orton (who had just gotten through trouncing the really rude Hurrifriends deck).

Final Round vs. Randy Orton

I am pretty confident going into this match and I feel even better that he cannot play his Boston,Massachussets venue vs. me.(this is honestly what won me the game as it allowed me to throw quite a few pain reversals vs his set-ups.

He plays 2 x t givin’ em High 5’s and gets the Ego Cutter in his hand. This is just total bad new for me at this point as I did nto have room to play any anti-search in my deck (ie: spinner belt, ie. belt no one plays and more importantly play, the belt HE played).

I basically eat the cutter and flip a revo on it. My turn, I backfist him only to get revo’ed. I know he has another revo in hand but no move to throw from hand and he has a cowboy bob orton, so the goal is to not let him get to 15 F at which point I am almost assuredly screwed. I do however have F, via a For the Love of the game in pre-match and a two for the show on his atomic lariat. At this point, he volleys’ my Backfist , I have no other good 0F to throw except a Ap Chaki kick. I weigh my option on how i would play this. And here comes the miracle play:

He uses his ability to search, I play a ‘Can you believe the Witte Retort?” . It doesn’t actually reverse, but it does count as a card played. He plays a Youngest Champion in WWE History (whipes 7 cards from my hand)

He then plays the between the ropes he searched for with his ability (he knew it woudl go through since no cow and since I did not volley his discard 7 cards card, eventhough it was in my hand) card #3.

He then plays a shoot lockup (card # 4) which is met by an ap-chaki kick (since it’s hybrid it can totally reverse the shoot lock up) And as my 2nd reversal, I play a ‘Great to be back here in…). Everyone is freaking out how ap chaki kick actually saved the day.

I am pretty confident at this point, so I throw a I am the boogeyman at him. He volleys and passes. I then play a don’t hate and pickup 2 I am the boogeyman’s and a rolling neck breaker. I play ‘I am the Boogeyman‘ get rid of an Rko and his ego cutter. I then ability his RkO so I never had to worry about it again! Smiley

The match goes back and forth a bit with him building up some f with a shoot lockup played between the ropes. He gets ahead 9on F, because I let him and I have a couple of Knee Lift TB‘s in my hand. he cant’ resist to go for more discard and tosses fully evolved at me, which gets knee lifted’. I then play a mouthful of worms which gets shoot countered (obviously). But it was bait for a ‘I’m coming to getcha‘ which gets SOB‘ed. It then goes back and forth with no one gettign the upper hand, except that his hand was under control due to 2 mouthfull of worms as actions. Towards the end of the game, we each have about 8 cards left in arsenal. I know he has a Cowboy bob in his hand, because I peaked at it earlier in the game with a ‘I am the boogeyman‘ so I abstain from tossing non-uniques alltogether.

I keep using ym ability which pays off and he has like no ringside ile left because of multiples uses of destiny earlier on and volleyin’ a few of my moves. It’s down to the nitty gritty as he baits me with a ego boost which I sidewalk slam (the only one in my deck). He still has a card left on his turn, draws and then smiles becasue he is close to 100% sure I canot reverse the next cards. However, he underestimates my knowledge of Superstar cards.

He throws a Legend Killer, and I can either reverse with a ‘Too Many Rules, Too Many refs‘ or a Volley This ( I didn’t play any all game, because I never realyl had any reason to. And, since i didn’t impulse reverse any of his stuff before, he felt I did not have the card in my hand. I was not 100% sure that ‘too many rules’ woudl pin him, so I throw a volley this! for the win and show him my hand with the ‘Too many rules’. Everyone pretty much agrees the rules would have pinned him as well, but we are still not 100% sure.

final record:  3-1

PS: Hurrifriends cheese only went 2-2. Just goes to show that actual player skill makes all the difference. Smiley

I will post a decklist soon, but I assure you, it’s maybe just different i the amount of reversals but not in the actual reversals themselves. Ie: the deck ran 1 manager interfeeres as i didn’t think it would be super easy to reach the 10f mark, so I opted for leg drags and other smaller reversals to build up F in the bginning.

Slop: I was missing Armaggedon in the deck. this woudl have won my the game vs orton as I still had a tick tock left to activate and he had nothing to reverse it as an action. 3 turns woudl have passed and he would of either discarded his hand or ring area. However, looking over the deck, it’s hard to decide what would of been taken out for it.

2 thoughts on “WWE: Raw Deal – Boogeyman Non-BASH

  1. Beautiful. I am now changing from BASH to volley to test the Boogeyman, pretty similar to this deck. By the way Witte retort is quite an excellent card.


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